Don’t Drown in a Sea of Repair Bills

Don’t Drown in a Sea of Repair Bills

Call us for residential HVAC services in Virginia Beach, VA

Heating and cooling systems are wonderful when they work properly. Searching for a Virginia Beach, Virginia HVAC contractor? Mechanical Technology repairs all heating and cooling makes and models. We’re also Maytag dealers and can install Maytag’s iQ Drive system. Whether you need high-end residential HVAC services or heating and cooling maintenance, call us at 757-439-0827.

We offer a preventive maintenance service plan that includes biyearly visits from our experienced technicians. We’ll check over your building’s HVAC unit and note the air quality of your Virginia Beach home.

If you sign up for this service plan, you’ll receive free estimates and discounted repairs. We’ll also prioritize your HVAC requests.

3 ways to maximize your heating and cooling efficiency

As you host friends and family for the holidays, remember these heating and cooling tips:

Pick a space and stay in it – if your guests traipse in and out of your home, you’ll notice an increase in your energy bill. As hot air escapes outside, your furnace will have to work harder to heat your house.

Opt for natural fragrances – aerosol sprays can contaminate your air quality. If it’s a balmy day, turn off the AC and open your windows.

Keep your cool – got a large family? Excess body heat can make a house feel stuffy. Lower your thermostat to avoid a stuffy atmosphere.

For additional tips and tricks from Virginia Beach, VA’s preferred HVAC contractors, call 757-439-0827.